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I am Lisanne and my goal is to inspire solutions for important challenges in the relationship between humans, technology and nature,



At the intersection of Art, Science, Technology,
Social Innovation and Wellbeing

I am a speaker, writer, experience designer and entrepreneur who invents stories, experiences, communities and tools to help organizations and professionals navigate the uncertainty of this technological moment with grace.

Imagining new ways of seeing, being, and moving, including all senses and connecting all audiences, is a central mission of my work; from exploring new narrative pathways in AR through the lens of the Tarot, to sharing stories through 3D printed chocolate.

My field of expertise is in the realm of futures design through storytelling: I invent a kind of science-fiction that inscribes the imaginary into the real, not only through words or writing, but also through films, multi-sensory lectures, retreats, books, online businesses, food experiences, somatic or meditative practices, scientific research, ethics frameworks, events and other media that I have yet to use or discover.

While walking this path, as an entrepreneur and human guinea pig, my goal is to empower individuals and organisations to navigate the uncertainty of our rapidly changing world with grace and inclusivity. With the same mission, my foresight and storytelling studio ForesenseLab imagines and prototypes different possible scenarios for the future to help companies make better decisions today.
I was born in 1988 in Delft the Netherlands as the only child of two prolific cyclists and globetrotters, and currently live in Amsterdam. I studied International Business & System-Ethics at RSM, Erasmus University, NL (Bsc., 2009, MSc., 2011) Chinese Language & Philosophy at Chinese University HK (BSc. courses, 2007), Core Energetics, Breathwork and Meaningful Relations (Certification: 2017) and a whole range of courses in the field of campaigning, coding, system-theory, art, design-thinking, somatic-cognitive therapy, dance and embodied leadership.

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In the past I have:

  • helped The Next Web Conference revamp its story architecture to 'reconnecting purpose to progress in technology', engaging all speakers in interviews to imagine design-principles that lead to greater humanity in tech.
  • collaborated on an experience toolkit to facilitate the global out-roll of Corona x Parley’s 100 islands cleaned campaign, spreading it on numerous social and public platforms for wider engagement.
  • generated a series of visions for the future of Death that were experientialized during a multi-sensory food experience in Amsterdam with The Morning.
  • written an essay for AR/VR Journey Magazine on how tools from multi-sensory design-thinking can enable A New Common Sense for VR & AR user-interface design.
  • founded Silence Speaks, a community organization fostering the power of silence in a noisy world through retreats and a newsletter.
  • collaborated on a new vision and brand for Edge Technologies by OVG Real-Estate, that transformed their interaction design-vision to pursuing bee-hive dynamics. 
  • worked with TedXAmsterdam to create a futuristic food experience and talk to facilitate meaningful audience interaction.
  • was the founder and CEO of VanChefs, an online marketplace for unique food experiences by top-rated local chefs. VanChefs got acquired by United Food Concepts in March 2015 after serving +100K crowdsourced meals in NL within 2 yrs.

Portraits by Elisabeth Lanz

︎︎ Interview with me by Futurist Bruno Marion




'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'
- Maya Angelou

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