multi-disciplinary artist & futures designer

New Lenses, New Senses & New Tools 
for navigating the algorithmic age with grace

We are entering a new phase in our evolution where we become conscious co-creators with nature. Entangled in the supraorganism of Earth and the Cosmos we can let go of our limited perception of self and unlock our true collective power.

This is exciting because it turns on the switch of our forgotten inner and outer sensorium that connects us to nature. Plus, it is the start of a new era of design that includes the whole bodymind and all the senses. Alltogether, this era invites us to imagine new operating systems for society and self that are in tune with the laws of nature.

We now have to look in the mirror to address important ethical and philosophical questions, as well as shine light on the subconscious programming still running through our minds and cultures, so that the unconscious becomes conscious and we can redirect our destiny. We have the opportunity to give grace to our science and technology and let our artificial intelligence become a natural partner in revitalizing our ecosystems and supporting humanity through this collective rebirth process.

It is my vocation to share what I know about this future and hold space for transformation. I do this through multi-disciplinary art and futures design projects, organizational consulting, speaking, retreats and writing essays here and there ︎︎︎

Essays by Topic:

  • Co-Emerging Futures as Sensory Experiences, interview with Reon Brand ︎
  • Foresensing Futures ︎
  • Designing Future Spaces of Belonging ︎  
  • Silence is the Frequency of Invention  ︎
  • Dropping the Weight of Time  ︎
  • Techno (In)Sanity  ︎
  • Empathetic Tech  ︎
  • Learning to Live and Die ︎

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