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ForesenseLab's core expertise is conveying stories, linear and non-linear, visual and through other senses.

Imagining new ways of seeing, being, and acting, including all senses and all audiences, is a central mission in our work; from exploring new narrative pathways in AR through the lens of the Tarot, to sharing stories through 3D printed chocolate.

We bring multi-sensory, speculative design approaches to new audiences, working both with established organisations and upcoming activists, scientists and politicians who want to convey a New Story with impact. 

The studio works in an agile, networked structure. We work with a core group of researchers, designers and technologists, plus a growing network of multidisciplinary collaborators.

Together we are experientializing a future that reconnects us to nature, to our humanity, and to the possibility of technology - all at once.

We believe that through empathy, foresight, intelligence, and creativity we can create tools that allow us to make sense with new eyes, to not only allow insight into forces at play but help shape inclusive, rewarding futures.

What we do within organizations:

+ build future-facing capabilities.
+ map future industry landscapes.
+ imagine future scenarios.
+ unlock creative potential and emotional intelligence.
+ innovate meaningful products, services, and cultures.
+ design multi-sensory spaces that foster human wellbeing.
+ revamp stories in alignment with the emerging zeitgeist

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Seen through the looking glass of our modern crises, ranging from the devastation of our planet to daunting financial inequality and the decay of our democracy, it is clear as day that we are living in precarious times.

But with uncertainty comes opportunity for positive change! We have the chance to make sense anew!

And for that we have to train our muscle to foresense, to embody what we foresee and then translate that new awareness into innovations that - eventually, will make up a new common sense for the world.

ForesenseLab is the culmination of my desire to collaborate with other future-minded experts to pave out a path through this holographic entanglement and design the future of the web with heart.

It is the home of my bigger self-initiated projects and commissions on the cusp of storytelling, art and futures design.

The philosophy and methods we apply in our work

We broadcast a provocative manifesto for inclusive design into the world. We build upon cutting edge multi-sensory design methodologies and the latest insights from scientific research in the realms of phenomenology and neuroscience to design for a future that embraces all senses and the wisdom of the body, including the imagination.

By creating experiences of the future, we transform decision making today.

The start of our journey was the realisation of the fact that the future is not a fixed destination, but a constantly shifting and unfolding space of potential. To tap into that potential, we have to empathize with the individual evaluation of what is meaningful. Thus far, the tech-world has made sense to a small percentage of civilization. But in order to design a technological future that makes sense to all, we need all voices because they represent an experience.

To access our collective potential, it is important to understand that every individual experiences their reality differently, based on their personal, geographic, social, emotional, and economic position in this world.

Because of this, planning for the future starts with foresensing ~ being empathetic with the individual perspective, rather than taking a monocultural and presumptive stance that is based on an analysis of the aggregate, because it typically excludes the minority perspective.

Our work understands that every challenge has multiple histories, presents, and thus futures. Based on this position, we focus on creating tools in the form of multi-sensory experiences - rather than intellectual concepts, to imagine new narrative pathways into the future. Our goal is to show everyone - from individuals, communities, to cities, governments and corporations, that it is possible to adapt, grow, and flourish in an increasingly uncertain world.

Over the past three years, we have developed our own unique approach to address the complex challenges that our clients and partners face.

We call it A New Common Sense - Futures Design

Our approach to addressing, researching, and then re-imagining ‘A New Common Sense’ for technological change uses both speculative design theory and hands-on immersive investigation. We combine strategies of foresight, design-thinking and speculation with deep listening, observing and then doing. The outcome therefore is an embodied futures perspective: a true New Common Sense.

Not only does it address issues on a surface level, it encompasses a holistic picture with the nuance, multi-dimensionality, empathy and intelligence that is the human experience.

Level one:
Surface Scanning

Like a living antenna, ForesenseLab identifies, captures and amplifies weak signals that emanate from our technological, political and cultural landscape.

From these scans, we pick up on not just emerging trends, but also our collective fears, unexpressed emotions, gaps in policy-making, cognitive biases, hopes and dreams, which we reconfigure into speculative scenarios for the future, that sometimes merge with project ideas for clients and sometimes with self-initiated projects. 

Level two:
The Sensory Experience

When pursuing a certain project idea, we focus on re-imagining sensory realities and creating prototypes and experiences based on a more inclusive version of that reality. 

By using methods of anthropological and phenomenological research, experience prototyping and storytelling we bring scenarios to life. 

Put simply, we create futures that feel real and relatable, and give a new ‘common sense-ness’ and intimacy alongside the ‘extraordinary’ and abstract that the mystery of the future is representing.

The various expressions of our work

We design questions, tools, scenarios, strategies, prototypes, films, live experiments, expeditions, silent retreats, sci-fi fictions, cautionary stories, and immersive dinner experiences to facilitate widespread engagement with the future.

In the past we have:

  • helped The Next Web Conference revamp its story architecture to 'reconnecting purpose to progress in technology', engaging all speakers in interviews to imagine design-principles that lead to greater humanity in tech.
  • collaborated on an experience toolkit to facilitate the global out-roll of Corona x Parley’s 100 islands cleaned campaign, spreading it on numerous social and public platforms for wider engagement.
  • generated a series of visions for the future of Death that were experientialized during a multi-sensory food experience in Amsterdam with The Morning.
  • written a series of essays for AR/VR Journey Magazine on how tools from multi-sensory design-thinking can enable A New Common Sense for VR & AR user-interface design.
  • made a new vision and brand for Edge Technologies by OVG Real-Estate, that transformed their interaction design-vision to pursuing bee-hive dynamics.

ForesenseLab - Team

Includes Lisanne as Founding Director and a core group of researchers, designers and technologists, plus a growing network of multidisciplinary collaborators. Our agile, networked structure offers diversity and resilience, allowing us to produce work that is empathetic to a wide audience and continues to exceed client expectations.

Reach out to explore how we may help you.

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"Develop your senses – especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
- Leonardo Davinci

'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'
- Maya Angelou

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