Multi-Disciplinary Artist & Futures Designer

Junk Food as Future Food?

Futuristic Food Experience at TedXAmsterdam 2014

Huge red balloons are suspended from the ceiling against a black background. A dancer appears, balancing one on her head. Then it Explodes! Nora Fisher enters carrying a baby and singing “Somewhere in Time,” an eerily beautiful song she wrote for TEDxAmsterdam. The audience is entranced by the jazzy musical treat: Kapok, Edigius Kwartet, and K.O. Brass playing guitar, drums, and horns.

The food concept that VanChefs developed was both futuristic and timeless, celebrating the nurturing quality of junk food as an extension of who we are when we hide away from life and indulge in guilty pleasures. However, this time Junk was healthy and connecting. From licking Buddha's ice-creams ("Who is Enlightened first?") to eating a meatless-meat version of the cultural classic "Kapsalon" and sharing a sweet moment with someone while chewing away some grasshopper nougat, these food experiences created meaningful moments.

Lisanne Buik, 2018
1015HC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands