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Manifesto of a time traveller

As I just turned thirty and can touch my aspiration to express my voice openly, to own my experience of reality fully, I wrote this manifesto as a sign of my now.

I am falling deeper into time,

I ascend by descending into my existentialism,

I aspire to face my helplessness with presence,

I realise boundaries are a weapon of my grace.

I feel I am dying,

I connect,

I connect,

I connect,

and then I fail to rest my feet on the ground.

In silence, I foresense the future and feel the cry of the earth,

and so I vow to contribute to collective alignment, by walking the path of emotional healing.

I am a storyteller, I unwind identities to create space for emotional release.

I write to understand, I empathise with myself and others through words,

it is as if I see the essence radiating from a letter,

forming the alphabet into a living symphony.

I desire,

embodiment of my values and support others identifying and living theirs,

I know it is my purpose to just be with people and introduce a unifying context.

I cry,

I’m hypersensitive,

I feel into other people emotionally,

tears flow from unexpected places,

I am often empathically overwhelmed.

I devote myself to non-identification,

but love to identify with beauty around me.

My practice is,

to reclaim my projections,

on others, on my past, on my future,

but then I project the old into the new,

and need a loving hand on my heart to unravel.

I sing along with bees and birds,

I speak with tea cups and undies.

It's weird but it works.

I have taste hallucinations,

before I eat,

I pay gratitude to all those who have woven their love into my food.

I'm hyper sensual,

I’ve suppressed it for a long time,

I’ve been abused, I’ve abused,

this is my deepest pain.

I am fluid,

in love and gender,

I see the sublime in those who allow themselves to breathe.

I am a time traveller,

when I breathe into my essence I collect a knowing from another era,

I employ my gift to foresense to align technological change with the laws of nature,

my goal is to train and then help people trade the quality of their attention as a currency,

in order to pull forward a future into the present,

that sustains life.

I realise I will never be seen, fully,

this gives me shivers but empowers me to embody my I.

I have a loving relationship with the city,

I practice to thrive there, my home is my temple.

I have long lost my interest in politics and the news,

I vow to not create more tension by rebelling against the outside.

I feel,

your emotions,

what wants to move inside you,

when you speak I listen to your essence.

I choose the emerging perfection of experience,

as my anchor.

I breathe,

we breathe,

I breathe into where I am now,

cause this is where I find you...

and that is what I'm longing for,

after all.


yours truly, Li

Deeply inspired and touched by Mari Sierra and her 'manifesto of a shape shifter', listen here..

Lisanne Buik, 2018
1015HC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands