multi-disciplinary artist & futures designer

Next Senses
- Skin Waves

Having always felt close to whales, Lisanne wanted to examine the possibility of becoming telepathic with them. After exploring the more psychic ways to achieve this, she landed on the techno-utopian approach: designing a whale sense. In the film you can see that she (as the fictitious protagonist), connects her body to whale sounds, and in this way gives scientists access to a new type of data analysis: an emotional one.

"The ocean is still so mysterious to us. While we are shooting ourselves to space, we turn our back towards our original home. The ocean is a place of humility and treasure for all of us. We have tried to conquer it, but it will inevitably conquer us if we stay ignorant to its power. I wanted to understand our relationship to our original home: the ocean, and that exploration resulted in this film on becoming telepathic with a whale." - Lisanne

Skin Waves inspires a conversation about our relationship to the natural world in general, and the ocean in particular, and challenges the common perception of technology to disconnect us from the Earth's non-human species, circadian rhythms and low-frequency sounds. Would we live in more harmony as a whole, if technology could help us to become empathetic to nature in a broader sense?


Exhibited at Labyrinth of the Senses (Sept. 2019) and van Gogh Museum Amsterdam (Nov. 2019)
Language: Dutch + English subtitles

In collaboration with Next Nature Network and Alain de Bruijn. Commissioned by Citysenses.

This production is supported by: Rabobank, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Cultuurfonds Almere, Gemeente Almere, ANBI, Arc2 Architecten, AMR, Voordekunst, TSR, Active Health Foundation.