multi-disciplinary artist & futures designer

Next Senses
- WiFi Angels

Based on an earlier project by Next Nature Network (the WiFi Angels App) the WiFi Angels Sense allows you to listen to the WiFi networks in your environment - even without a phone in your hand. Every network is translated in a singing angel. Together they create a choir. The WiFi Angels sense is implanted in the ear, and gives the protagonist a sense of safety, to not only know when and where he is connected, but to also experience this connection as being close to the holy, the angelic, the transcendental. This film explores how we evangelize technology as the holy grail.

A special sense for WiFi

Imagine you could listen to WiFi networks, a special sense to hear WiFi signals. As you move around the city passing different networks, the soundscape changes. Recurring networks would become familiar refrains, as do the melodies created by home and work routers. You would maybe end up looking for isolated areas to enjoy the silence of a location without WiFi connections, or would you gather in crowded places to listen to wireless signals concerts? How do you imagine the sound generated by WiFi networks? A continuous stream of pips and beeps, whistles and crackles, or – like us – a celestial choir?

Electromagnetic radiation: a health risk?

While back in the days people used to build shelters to protect themselves from natural forces like wind and rain, today some people intuitively start to protect themselves from "next natural" forces like electromagnetic radiation caused by WiFi signals. Are there health risks related to WiFi radiation? The World Health Organisation has examined the topic and has concluded, for now, that “current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields. However, some gaps in knowledge about biological effects exist and need further research."

Exhibited at Labyrinth of the Senses (Sept, 2019) and Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam (Nov 2019)
Language: Dutch + English subtitles

In collaboration with Next Nature Network and Alain de Bruijn. Commissioned by Citysenses.

This production is supported by: Rabobank, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Cultuurfonds Almere, Gemeente Almere, ANBI, Arc2 Architecten, AMR, Voordekunst, TSR, Active Health Foundation.

Gratitude to: Jason Winter (actor)