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It is clear that there are plural crises: race and gender politics, environmental devastation, military power complexes, interstellar erections and not-to-forget: our everyday pursuit of impossible perfection. In a moment where many of us live in fear of the morning news, we are roaming through this wobbly world noticing that what once made sense simply makes no sense anymore.

We are grappling with our material presence in an increasingly virtual world. We are like children again, perpetually teetering on the edge of identity destruction and seeming death. And so we have to tune our senses to a new reality that is different. Some of us may feel the calling to make sense anew, in our own unique ways. But nobody can tell us what to do, who to be, or what to read in order for things to make sense again. It needs to come from within. We need to trust in the greater inner strength that guides us, in an Earth that catches us, if we fall.

And I don't know about you, but I am loving this journey, although it is a tough one. Ánd I am pretty fed up with the post-apocalyptic perspectives played for our eyes by the media and Hollywood. I feel positive. But where do I go to share my practice and my hope? It seems so out-of-vogue to be positive about the future. Of course it is not all fuzzies, the near techno-future is surely subject to all kinds of manmade chaos. But the truth is that we do not know what will happen, who we really are or will be. And so the only thing we can teach ourselves is to navigate the uncertainty of this algorithmic mess with a sense of grace.

Three years ago my agony with the tech world made me sell a start-up to travel. I lost everything back then: my entire idenitity had been wrapped around this company, including my relationship. In an attempt to make space for who I really am in a world of pride and prejudice, I had to dig into the mud of my own traumas that limited me to see beauty through the mess, to truly appreciate the mysterious and sacred qualities of nature.

This was my own internal journey, and it is now being reflected in my work. It is my goal to discover new ways of making sense and find new languages for technology and design that are poetic enough to cover the size of the new territory we have to enter and strategic enough to catch the market before it collapses. Not excluding the scientific, conceptual, and rational, but also not exclusively adopting those perpectives and forgetting the power of the intuitive.

Now I want to make a commitment: start a club. A quarterly gathering of likeminded future explorers who know it is cool enough to be real, to be vulnerable, to be human,  and who also happen to be exceptionably talented and skilled individuals who want to make an effort. Who care to fully realise themselves. Who know that their lives and inspiration offer more than enough material to collage a more emancipated perspective on the future than the robotic love affairs we see in films or the dramatic news reports of crises that leave us helpless and isolated from the truth. To source the future from a deeper well - the unknown. Not all at once, but as a process of self and then societal liberation, undoing the chains of all dogma to find a sense of peace.

This future explorers club will exist as a sattelite of my experience design studio ForesenseLab. It will set out on a quarterly Sunday expedition to dream-up a new design reality and you are invited.  
Together we will explore how we can stretch our senses so that we can perceive more of what this new reality could look and feel like. We ask and explore urgent and big questions about interspecies collaboration, algorithmic intimacy, inclusive democracies and the physiological stakes of our Brave New Wold. We operate partially in the realms of mental and physical health, and in the realms of speculative design and imaginative realism: the expression of what we encounter. We explore the future of our sensory experience, resting in a joined intelligence and bodily practice.

We certainly won’t have all the answers, and we won't be trying to provide them. We just suggest and explore that there is much more than meets the eye (or other senses) and in this way we may be able to reframe our future from an dystopian human-robot-crossover to a perspective that is by nature the most powerful as it is truthful to who we are.

We will discuss seismic shifts in our perception of gender, race, sexuality, identity, a generation of mental health patients, money, magic and the nature of reality from its most essential point of view.

We will train our senses and make sense anew, visiting timeless spaces where our preconceptions about identity, country, market, spirituality, science, civil society, zeitgeist and the dogma of their convergence will be temporarily shuffled into the poetry of emotional connection through an open heart.

We may find out about natural triumphs and technological failures, or the other way around. We may be reframing the near-apocalyptic scripts into the orchestration of a new common sense for tech, that is not wired in the amygdala of the Robot Overlords but rather rooted in the muddy, messy and imperfect reality that our shared human lives really are.

We enter a creative process that - as a Sunday is requiring - is easygoing, but the disclaimer is the possibility of sending you into emotional cyclones of empathy, empowerment, bliss, connection, as well as anger, sadness and fear. Knowing it may be just us and our relentless emotions and creativity who will save us from ourselves.

Come out of your winter hibernation to join these multi-sensory explorations of the future, sure to awaken dreams of warmer climates and hyper positive news forecasts.

— Will you join me on this journey? We will launch SOON!

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Lisanne Buik, 2018
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