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Sensory Sundays @ ForesenseLab

A Future Explorers Club

Sensory Sundays is an open club for future explorers hosted by ForesenseLab and TANK - architecture & interior design.

We gather each first Sunday of the month to reimagine the future from the genesis of our current crises. Each Lab we explore a different design challenge that we are confronted with on a daily basis, either as a user of technology, or as its creator.

On the 3rd of March we continue this series by zooming into one of the key design questions of today: how can we respect our own and other people’s attention?

These chaotic times ask of us to re-imagine the future from a place of inner peace, respecting the value of our presence and attention. It asks of us to embody new ethics that honor the unknowability of your destiny. But for that we have to challenge our current relationship with technology and its repercussions on our daily lives.

As designers, creatives, coders, thinkers and artists we are creating a new world. We are merging the virtual and the physical. We are creating a new system of exchanging information. A new way of building and nurturing relationships. In this new world the paths are multi-layered, multi-sensory and complex. We need our senses to be actively engaged in many worlds at once. We need to be comfortable with a continuous state of uncertainty and excited about being an experience designer of our own lives.

This series is for all who identify as "future exploring”. Together we define the new social principles that could be making up "a new common sense": a new internalized social contract of how we can design the future of our digital and physical spaces with heart. To prove that the digital spheres can be more than a place of seduction and addiction.

Together we will explore the neglected parts of ourselves. What drives us? How can we truly connect to people beyond the social construct, and how can we incorporate non-technical, more intuitive, multi-sensory awareness in our design processes?

About the host:

Lisanne is the founder of the Amsterdam-based strategic foresight and experience design studio ForesenseLab. She is a sought-after speaker, tech-ethics consultant and futures-designer, and brings a creative approach to experience design with room for artistic expression and fluid design-thinking methods.


◉ group check-in
◉ short opening talk by Lisanne Buik, Sophie Fleur or guest speaker
◉ conscious movement, meditation and/or breathing practice
◉ individual design practice
◉ presenting your vision
◉ combining visions in an collective design/installation

◉ price per session: €15 (no drop-ins, pre-pay via ticketlink)
◉ strip card 10 ed: €100 via ticketlink

Please bring:
◉ comfortable clothes
◉ open mind
◉ open heart

◉ Each first Sunday of the month in 2019, follow Lisanne on Instagram and/or ForesenseLab on Facebook.

To get a sense of this workshop, read Lisanne's article on Medium's AR/VR magazine about the first edition.

And please read the manifesto



'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'
- Maya Angelou

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