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Lecturing &

futures design, ethics, embodiment and storytelling

In this technological moment, as complex and alienating as it can feel, it's so important to educate people about the alternative ways to make decisions about the future.

For cultural organisations, advertising agencies, foundations like Next Nature Network, governments and educational institutions such as RSM University and The Turing Society, I give lectures and workshops that are related to sensory storytelling, speculative design, future ethics, embodiment and the science of perception.

In my teaching work at RSM I complement political philosophy and ethics theory with my own entrepreneurial stories, thoughts, experiences and design-thinking processes at the intersection of art, technology, wellbeing and nature.

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Designing &

founder & director ForesenseLab

For bigger projects and commissions on the cusp of storytelling and futures design, I work with a core group of researchers, designers and technologists, plus a growing network of multidisciplinary collaborators.

ForesenseLab's core expertise is conveying stories, linear and non-linear, visual and through other senses. Imagining new ways of seeing, being, moving and acting, including all senses and all audiences, is a central mission of our work; from exploring new narrative pathways in AR through the lens of the Tarot, to sharing stories through 3D printed chocolate. We bring multi-sensory, speculative design approaches to new audiences, working both with established organisations and upcoming activists, scientists and politicians who want to convey a New Story with impact.

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  • Are you actively taking the leap to transform your company culture and looking to integrate it in your brand story?
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Storytelling & Writing 

let me help you find the words

My expertise is to write and spread compelling stories with lasting impact. Messages and visions that can be political, commercial, scientific, or activistic. Worlds, stories, multi-sensory experiences and tools that provoke and inspire individuals and organisations to be at ease with change.

I source my inspiration from science, from myth, from the depth of my imagination and from one of the dozen books I read per month.

  • I help scientists translate complex theories into touching stories.
  • I help advertising agencies with great slogans.
  • I help creatives to make sense of their verbal identities to attract meaningful projects.
  • I help changemakers find the language for big and grand ideas.

Speaker Coaching

tell your story as you are

I gave over 50 lectures on 3 different continents. I have learned, the hard way, what it means to speak to a wide variety of audiences with impact and authentic ease.

I love to mentor other speakers and give them the tools, trust and presence to be themselves on stage. In the trajectory I use a combination of hands on coaching and stage presence practices.

I will help you create engaging, multi-sensory keynotes with lasting impact. With the imagery, metaphores, frames and art that root your words into your audience's hearts. 

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'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'
- Maya Angelou

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