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Silence Speaks 

Digital Detox Movement 

A central theme in my work is the exploration of how technological advances increase feelings of alienation and remove a sense of purpose and belonging within people. Captivated by the desire to dissolve these feelings in a nurturing and quiet space, while allowing new inspiration for our connection to nature to enter, we adventured into silence with three consecutive groups of women and men.

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Location: Huize Oosterhouw, Leens, Groningen, the Netherlands

Read accompanying essay ︎Silence is the Frequency of Invention

April 2017

The program was a mix of group activities and free time with enough space for reflection, getting lost in the forest, and introspection. Every day started with an early-bird meditation, a nutritious breakfast, and then the day unfolded with movement and mindful bodymind practice sessions.

As we've experienced the group flowed into a swarm dynamic that inevitably led to deep connections with each other, despite of the fact that we weren't talking. As we've learned these contacts also sustain after the retreat as they reach beyond each other's career choices or facebook presence; they were built on a shared experience of meaning with incredible impact on a deep level.

practices: conscious movement, meditation (non-dogmatic), sound baths, poetry, reiki, massage therapy, storytelling, self-inquiry, sharing, deep listening, eye to eye connection, breathwork. plus: nourishing nature, connections to extraordinary people, sensational organic vegetarian food, and a beautiful eclectic location.

Words of ︎ from participants:

"Silence teaches you so much about life and yourself!!!"

"The Silence Speaks Retreat is a great experience for your mind and mindset. It brings you closer to yourself and to others, just by being silent. And of course due to the fabulous programme in which you learn to know all kind of ways to be HERE NOW and to listen to yourself. The location and the organising team provided in all the guidance and warmth that is needed to make this a holistic and unique experience."

"Four days spent at Silence Speaks provided an excellent opportunity to explore what goes on inside. Long enough to travel, short enough to stay grounded. The hosts succeed in making an intimate and familiar space, inside an eccentric but instantly loveable manor. Sometimes you just need to get lost in a garden to find yourself."
"Re-energized and inspiring (like after weeks of holidays) through an amazing 3 day adventure in beautiful surroundings."

"Just do it: Silence is your best friend because it is You."

"Het was echt een geweldige ervaring om op deze manier met mensen en jezelf in contact te zijn en je eigenlijk gereset wordt in het echte leven. Het geeft een nieuw perspectief en brengt je zelfkennis omdat je alleen jezelf even hebt om mee in gesprek te gaan en tegen van alles aan te lopen. Tegelijkertijd is het 1 groot warm bad waarin je vertroetelt en verzorgt wordt en ultiem samen bent."

"Iedereen die op een inspirerende, mooie en leuke manier naar zichzelf wil leren luisteren raad ik aan om een weekend naar een stilte retraite van Tijn en Lisanne te gaan!" "Wat een bijzonder (mooi) weekend heb ik gehad. Stilte heeft mij meer geleerd in 3,5 dag dan het afgelopen jaar in het 'normale' leven." 

"De stilte is niet altijd makkelijk maar onder de juiste begeleiding geeft het je antwoord op vele vragen in het leven. Silence Speaks retreat is zo'n plek waar je meegenomen wordt op de juiste manier in een bijzondere reis die je helpt beter naar jezelf luisteren en voelen. En dan wordt het leven daarna een stuk aangenamer."