Multi-Disciplinary Artist & Futures Designer

Utopia Re-Loaded 

An Imagineers Experience

We have made Utopia into the world of dreams, fantasies and far-out visions.

And so it happens we forget that Utopian thinking does not undermine or discount reality.

This event invited 50 system-thinkers, scientists, storytellers and dreamers to set a beacon in the uncharted seas of the not-so distant future, by entering an experience of their own imagination and exploring the virtual reality of their own Utopia.

What they found? They found movement. They found beginnings, and endings, and continuity, and transformation. They found the world - as it is. They found the daily life that they touch, see, hear and smell and taste. They found their struggle to accept Utopia as a reality that already is, that need not be something else that we experience it to be.

Paintings by Wensel HablikCartographies of Utopia

Lisanne Buik, 2018
1015HC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands