multi-disciplinary artist & futures designer

I am on a mission to open the doors of perception through my art & design work,

in service of awakening the potential of the human bodymind, and aligning our future and our algorithms with the laws of nature.

Selected Project : NEXT SENSES 

To reconnect to nature, we need, among other things, to re-develop some of our diminished senses, either through bodymind re-training or with the support of technology.

Taking a feminine and intuitive approach to technology, Lisanne, with Alain de Bruijn and Next Nature Network, made five short films to expose any liminal assumptions about possible applications of AI and AR in expanding our senses; and to question whether sensory technologies could play a positive role in advancing humanity and society. Exhibited at LoTS and Van Gogh Museum in 2019.

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photo by Nine Ijff

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    • Oct-Nov 2021 - Residency and exhibition at Buitenplaats Doornburgh, Maarssen, NL, with Bram Ellens x Robots in Captivity 
    • 14 Nov 2021 - Artist talk at Doornburgh & soft launch GRACE ŒS beta,  with Bela Rofe, Tom Schwaiger and Oliver Ellmers
    • Nov 2021 - Baltan Laboratories x Philips x Avans University - Commission: Workshop and Publication series on resilient co-emerging economies, with Reon Brand, Olga Mink and Godelieve Spaas
    • Dec 2021 - Province of Zeeland NL - Commission on future of land-ownership, with Bela Rofe and Anne Sarah Dijkhorst
    • Jan 2022 - Artist Talk at Conflux Festival
    • April 2022 - Artist Talk at Breath in Leadership Nijenrode x Conscious Learning Tribe