multi-disciplinary artist & futures designer

I am on a mission to open the doors of perception through my art & design work,

in service of awakening the potential of the human bodymind, and aligning our future and our algorithms with the laws of nature.

Selected Project : NEXT SENSES 

The trend to implant technology into the human body to expand our biological senses led Lisanne to question: “What are the advantages of upgrading our senses on the one hand, and the ethical and emotional stakes on the other? What happens when we bypass evolution to redesign our bodies, to heal us when we get sick, to calm us down when we feel stressed, or to physically connect us to animals?"

Taking a feminine and intuitive approach to technology, Lisanne, with Alain de Bruijn and Next Nature Network, made these five films to expose any liminal assumptions about possible applications of AI, AR and sensor-tech in the public space; and to question whether the design of sensory implants into our bodies could play a positive role in advancing humanity and society.

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photo by Nine Ijff

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