“In the dance between nature and technology, ethics and innovation, let grace be our guide. Gracious futures doing justice to humanity, nature, ánd machines are here.”


Lisanne Buik is an AI ethics consultant, artist-futurist, and public speaker, whose work is directed to guiding AI with grace and designing gracious futures.

As a keynote speaker she inspires audiences to think about AI differently. Beyond hope, she brings a trajectory forward. She makes abstract future scenarios tangible and real, showing the consequences of ethical trade-offs we make today.

Her AI ethics consultancy Gracious AI is dedicated to providing actionable strategies and insights that can help professionals and organizations develop, deploy and use AI graciously. Using the Gracious AI design methodology that’s been developed over the past six years, she has been consulting governments, scale-ups, corporations, and NGO's from the vision that incorporating ecosystem thinking into AI development is essential for creating AI that aligns with both human and environmental values.


        Lisanne speaks internationally at conferences and organizations. Her keynote talks dispel misconceptions and biases surrounding AI and empower audiences with tools for gracious AI navigation. They also act as catalysts for technological innovation and creativity within organizations. Her mission is to inspire audiences to enact change from a place of wholeness and grace, emphasizing the importance of overcoming fear.

References, examples and selected talks below.


       Gracious AI guides organizations to harness AI's potential for positive change. In today's ever-evolving landscape, adaptability is key. How can your organization achieve new levels of resilience and contribue to the regeneration of our planet by ethically utilising Artificial Intelligence? We facilitate  consultancy projects from concept to execution utilising our Gracious AI methodology. 

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           Gracious AI operates as a decentralised and diverse ecosystem of international creatives, engineers and thought-leaders. Together they work confidently across a range of skills and media. Whether designing to a client’s brief or developing self-initiated projects, they apply the same meticulous attention to research, process, and detail.

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- Ethics of AI: a nature inclusive perspective
- The skills, mindset and consciousness we need in the age of AI
- What is consciousness and what is the future?
- Creating new materials with AI + future of fashion 
- Speculative design and foresight  
- Regenerative systems design
- New forms of ownership and economics (blockchain and AI)
- The role of creatives & storytellers in guiding AI with grace

- Dutch Design Week ‘21 and ‘23
- The Next Web
- FilmEU Alliance 2023 SUMMIT
- Van Gogh Museum
- Nieuwspoort Den Haag
- Erasmus University Rotterdam
- Gerrit Rietveld Academie
- Tedx Amsterdam
- Sterrenstof Festival
- Conflux Festival
- Buitenplaats Doornburgh
- Philips
- Baltan Laboratories