Lisanne Buik is an AI ethics consultant, artist-futurist and keynote speaker, whose work is directed to guiding AI with grace and accelerating the pathway to a regenerative future.

As a keynote speaker she inspires audiences to think about AI differently. Beyond hope, she brings a trajectory forward. She makes abstract future scenarios tangible and real, showing the consequences of ethical trade-offs we make today.

Her AI ethics consultancy Gracious AI is dedicated to providing actionable strategies and insights that can help professionals and organizations develop, deploy and use AI graciously.

Clients range from governments like the Dutch Government and Gouvernement de Luxembourg, to corporations like Philips and Vandebron, to global think tanks and impact investors.


        Lisanne speaks internationally at conferences and organizations. Her keynote talks dispel misconceptions and fears surrounding AI and empower audiences to see AI as a force for positive change. She catalyzes cultures of innovation and creativity within organizations. Her mission is to inspire audiences to enact change from a place of wholeness and grace, co-creating a sustainable future with AI.

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       Gracious AI offers a suite of immersive AI ethics workshops and consultancy trajectories designed to equip organizations and professionals with the knowledge, tools and skills to navigate the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence with grace, whilst mitigating reputational, regulatory compliance, and ethical risks. Our AI ethics consultancy is industry and organization-specific.

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           Gracious AI helps organizations and governments anticipate future challenges and opportunities, empowering them to adapt their strategies, products and services proactively to be resilient in an AI-driven world. Through immersive experiences and exhibitions Gracious AI inspires C-suite members, employees and stakeholders to make ethical trade-offs tangible and embrace AI as a force for positive change.

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