I’m a futures researcher, speculative artist-designer and public speaker. I’m a researcher of, and outspoken advocate for ethical AI, and aligning emerging technologies to natural principles.

In my speculative installations, films, lectures and publications I combine emerging science with ancient wisdom to explore the shift from the age of the machine to a new age of symbiosis between living systems, the human bodymind, and technology.


        My talks are entries into the power of designing and operating in tune with the principles of nature. I speak, educate and teach workshops about regenerative futures and ethical AI at institutions and conferences like the Dutch Design Week, Philips, The Next Web Conference, RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam.


        How can your organization achieve new levels of resilience and contribue to the regeneration of our planet? My futures design studio helps organizations align with the new ethics, cultures, stories, and innovations that fit this era. My clients range from governments and healthcare brands to cultural institutions, wildlife NGO’s and creative agencies. The studio facilitates entire projects from creative concept to execution.


           My studio is an amorphous and diverse pool of international creatives. Together we carry projects from concept to execution, working confidently across a range of skills and media. Whether designing to a client’s brief or developing self-initiated projects, we apply the same meticulous attention to research, process, and detail.


        I love mentoring the next generation of creators and innovators. I have developed an innovation process to help future-forward projects POP. Reach out for more information about POP residency.