“As an internationally recognized global leader in Ethical AI and Global AI Ethics, it is not often that I encounter an individual who understands intelligence at such a profound level. Through my interactions with Lisanne and her pioneering work, I have found her to be professional and thoughtful in explaining deep concepts regarding intelligence and the alignment of the artificial with the organic. Her film GRACE OES (Beta) was showcased during a keynote speech to an audience of 2000, as part of a new vision for mankind in the Age of AI. Lisanne is a promising young mind to guide our future and provide a critical North Star to dawn a beneficial era of intelligence for the betterment of humanity.”

BY Matthew James Bailey, founder

“Lisanne Buik is a phenomenal communicator, designer and keynote speaker who delivers outstanding and impactful work. Her originality, work ethic, communication skills, and dedication to creating immersive experiences set her apart as a true visionary. I have no doubt that her contributions will continue to shape and inspire the field of design and ethical AI, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.”

BY Reon Brand, Design Principal - Foresight and Innovation, Philips Design

“The keynote and workshop on Gracious AI that Lisanne provided were both inspiring in the long term and practically applicable in the short term. With her consultancy she has helped us implement AI in the organisation with a much-needed ethical compass. I found the collaboration in the preparation and implementation to be extremely pleasant and I highly recommend it.”

BY Tim Smolders, People & Leadership development at Vandebron